Life Enrichment

Spiritual Life
Western Assemblies Home is, in every sense, a Retirement Community and a Home rather than an institution. The care, the love, and the companionship that you receive can only be experienced when you belong to the family of God. Through the nearby Claremont Bible Chapel, many ministry opportunities are available for willing and able residents. There is a weekly Breaking of Bread service each Lord's Day in the large living room area of the Main Building.

Quiet Time

The recreational activities at Western Assemblies Home are designed to cover a variety of interests and strive to meet the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social needs of the residents. Some examples include: games, group exercises, hymn sings, book reading, prayer, and reminiscing activities.

Snacks and Games

These group activities, provided in a relaxed, light-hearted atmosphere, encourage social interaction, help cultivate new friendships, maintain physical well-being, and prompt intellectual stimulation—all in a comfortable setting that inspires joy, humor, and a sense of well-being.

We frequently have visits from the Claremont Bible Chapel ministries and also enjoy contributions from other local assemblies on special occasions. These are warm and friendly gatherings.